Quality Control

NeoPod Systems™ works closely with our clients during all phases of design and construction. The maximum benefit to our client is to have NeoPod Systems™ come on board during the planning phase of a project; becoming an integral part of the design team early on. The GC and the NeoPod™ team of experts will help to create a seamless integration of traditional construction and Pod construction. Our flexible process allows us to enter a project at almost any part of the planning stage while still achieving substantial savings for our clients.

NeoPod's™ experts and the client work together as a team to determine the optimal layout that maximizes efficiencies and savings. When NeoPod's™ team is involved early in the design process, we may be able to make project design recommendations that can result in significant optimization opportunities. During this stage, we will also obtain all of the necessary finishing details for the units. We will incorporate and coordinate the designer's plans and convert them in to the latest versions of CAD/3D modeling software/shop drawings for the client's review.

Our highly skilled workforce will create a full sized prototype from the initial CAD drawings. The prototype phase is an integral part of the planning and design process. This phase allows the client to see the design come to life. Walking through a prototype, gives the design team an opportunity to make adjustments before the design is sent into full production. Once the client has approved the prototype, NeoPod™ will begin producing the pods for your job, in our state of the art facility.

Our production line begins building your bathroom Pods before a single wall is built on your jobsite. Our NeoPod™ team creates your Pod starting with the walls being cut by a “state of the art” CNC Router.  The NeoPod™ CAD design team programs your design into the CNC Router to cut each and every wall precisely to your specifications.  We prefab most of the major components onsite to save time and money for our clients. Inspections and testing are done onsite at our facility to meet local and state codes. Walls, tape and float, painting, plumbing, electric, flooring, fixtures and all finishing touches all done at once by a NeoPod™ trained crew of specialists. Once your Pod has completed its trip through the production line, it is then inspected by our NeoPod™ QC expert and stamp “NeoPod™ Certified” and ready to ship to your jobsite.

When your building is ready, your custom Pod order will be ready and waiting to be shipped. A custom delivery schedule can be created in phases to accommodate your building schedule. To ensure that your Pods arrive to you safely, NeoPod™ wraps your Pod with a heavy duty shrink wrap to protect them from the elements. NeoPod™ will ship to your jobsite by truck, train or vessel wrapped, finished and ready for installation.

Depending upon the structural building type, the pods are placed in the structure according to the general contractor's schedule, by either a shooting boom forklift (Lull) or crane. The pods may be relocated to accommodate other trades and work items by utilizing a variety of methods (wheels, air sleds, jacks). Final connections are not required at this time to maximize flexibility in the project's critical path. A simple method for final placement and four basic building systems connections (waste, mechanical, water and electrical) are provided.

After the pod has been installed in its proper location and has been connected to all building systems, it is ready for local inspection of its relevant components. Once all systems have been approved, the client and a NeoPod™ project representative will inspect the pods at completion to ensure the clients satisfaction.